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CBS personality Aisha Tyler and her husband, Jeff Tietjens, are divorcing after more than 20 years of marriage, her rep has confirmed.According to TMZ, Tietjens filed divorce documents at Los Angeles Superior Court several weeks ago.She probably should host her own talk show.[quote]I like her, but yeah she never really nailed down a career path. I constantly had fantasies about beating the crap out of him. I remember reading a blind item about a black actress in Hollywood that hated black people.Talked down about them, didn't date black men, etc etc. I know you take those things with a grain of salt but it always made a lot of sense to me.Was disappointed that it is so hard to find this elusive husband that is mentioned so much.The pictures I have seen appear to be Aisha standing behind or near a poster of a man.

just okay), she done sitcoms, and lots of hosting/talking-head TV. I'll always remember Aisha as such a breath of fresh air hosting "Talk Soup" after the loathsome Hal Sparks' run. I know Sparks ended up on QAF, which shocked me, but he was really homophobic on Talk Soup.

They also just don't seem to really be comfortable around most other men in general. Notice they didn't replace but but ended the show before it was "reborn" as The Soup.

The one who hates his mom is dark skinned and has many guy friends of all sorts. I agree that she might be a decent solo talk show host. That is a physical trait like blonde/brown hair, blue/green eyes, tall/short height."Race" is the artificial and arbitrary categorization and segregation of entire groups of people based on discriminatory pseudo-science crocked up in the 19th Century to excuse colonial imperialism.

The outlet also reported that at the time, Tietjens is not asking for spousal support from his wife, who costars alongside Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood on CBS' The Talk.

He did, however, indicate that he reserves the right to possibly request spousal support later.

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