Updating a wardrobe

If in your gut you feel like, “I really be wearing that more...” stop putting yourself through that agony, and let yourself get rid of it.

It takes a lot of time to organize and maintain things; the less you have, the more time you give yourself. It will get easier, and before long you’ll be waving goodbye to those ill-fitting items that were such a good deal.

I was really proud of him and he intends to alter another four pairs of jeans that would have gone to the op shop otherwise.

I think this skill will stay with him, and at 6'4" no-one is teasing him about it.

Some people just have a knack for putting together great outfits. Ask them to check out your wardrobe and help you come up with some new combinations.

Having a different set of eyes look at your closet and brainstorm new looks with you might just be all it takes to start feeling a lot better about your wardrobe.

Wise Bread is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I'm a terrible seamstress, but a good tailor has saved a number of clothing items that otherwise didn't fit me well. I love to encourage people to learn more about sewing and to use their machines - it is possible to repair/upcycle many clothes as well as opening up a great avenue of creativity. My 18 year old son spent part of last night making the legs of his jeans skinnier with the sewing machine.

It's especially important when you have a figure that doesn't... I suspect that he is the only eighteen year old boy at his school who could do that, because he is the only boy doing Textiles as a subject.

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Whatever your circumstances, determining what to buy and where to buy it can be a bit daunting. We take the guesswork out of the equation and help to make the metamorphosis a smooth and completely manageable one. We make a list of the items needed to bridge the gap, as well as a progressive list that will serve you for years to come. Because this is a new phase in your life, a quarterly check-up is highly recommended. This one might take a little practice, but check out some books from the library to get ideas about how to make the clothes you hate something you would love to wear again.Then pull out the sewing machine (or try one of these no-sew ways to update your wardrobe), and let your inner fashion designer loose.Suddenly, your wardrobe in looking better and you’re feeling better about yourself too, and all without a single penny being spent!You know that pile of clothes you created from the first tip?

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