Taurus men dating cancer women

I try not to disappoint and we have not had any confrontations as of yet, is this true for all signs can it work with the stars saying no it can't?It very much depends on the exact time of birth and the positioning of the planets on that moment.I find it odd that I feel she expects me just to know her mood.It's a stalemate situation as she never exposes enough of herself ( no not like that ;))for me to really learn about her and what makes her tick.It really frustrates me that she doesn't talk emotion/share her thoughts (much) yet she is clearly highly emotive.I also find it really funny that she is so critical yet cant take what she gives out (in terms of harsh comment). How does a Cap guy reach/connect/communicate with a fabulously frustraiting mystery of a cancer woman!For what it’s worth, here are the longest-lasting relationships Gunter found after studying scores of real-life Scorpio love matches. Please vote on your choice for the best love matches for Scorpio men and Scorpio women after Gunter’s rankings. An ardent student of astrology, she has studied intuitive astrology since 2008.Pisces Male 1076 Gemini Male 1049 Virgo Male 1039 Taurus Male 1026 Scorpio Male 1016 Aries Male 999 Leo Male 979 Capricorn Male 973 Sagittarius Male 971 Cancer Male 961 Libra Male 958 Aquarius Male 953 Cancer Female 1038 Leo Female 1032 Capricorn Female 1031 Libra Female 1026 Virgo Female 1023 Scorpio Female 1016 Aquarius Female 1003 Sagittarius Female 988 Aries Female 975 Gemini Female 966 Pisces Female 965 Taurus Female 954 Interestingly, Gunter Sachs was married to an Aquarius, which is only the 7th best match, and a Libra (model/actress Bridget Bardot) who ranks as just fourth on his list for male Scorpios. I’m not sure one can rely on statistics to determine best zodiac matches for Scorpio, since love may first find comfort in a certain sun sign but needs favor from Venus, the 7th house, the moon and a few other factors in order to last. My #1 zodiac match for Scorpio is Cancer by far, followed by Leo, Aries, and Capricorn. Synthia is obsessed with penning blogs that examine Scorpio's mystique, Plutonic personalities and the risqué, taboo 8th house life.

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We started to become best friends during the last few years of our high school experience. We were always fighting with eachother; something she'd say would hurt me or something I said would hurt her (I know I can be a bit blunt sometimes). It's actually pretty funny now that I think about it now.

What are the (Cancer) signs that she likes/values my friendship?

It's driving me absolutely nuts, and I do wonder if I'm being played just a bit, simply for attention.

I never do this intentionally I should add, (hurting her is the last thing I'd want to do) but there just seems to be a link between me having upset her (most of the time it's simply her perseption of a wrong) and her then coming around/ me feeling like shes letting me closer. I'll admit I question is it really worth all this utter confusion, lack of communication and frankly heartache on my side. Any advice (ideally from Cancer Women)on what I need to do to make her realise I genuinely care about her and have no intention of hurting her.

I very occassionally feel really close to her and she lets me in a little, but other times she draws back and holds me at arms length.(We've sat in the park and held hands, the stary eye contact thing she does (which feels intimate like shes accessing my soul! Some days I think she likes me, some days it feels like she hates me.

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