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Although named Acute Kidney Injury it is only very rare that the kidneys have been physically injured.This leaflet explains about having an ascitic drain or catheter inserted.It is the most common type of skin cancer in white-skinned people.It usually occurs on sun-exposed areas of skin in the middle-aged and elderly, but it may grow on any area of skin and can occur in younger people.Breast reduction surgery (reduction mammoplasty) is suitable for women who have large and heavy breasts, usually cup size E or higher, who also have other symptoms.These include back and neck pain, broken skin or skin infections under the breasts.

This leaflet for patients explains what to expect following a procedure to band haemorrhoids at The Christie.Actinic Keratosis is also called Solar Keratosis because it is caused by long-term exposure of skin to ultraviolet rays contained in the sunlight.It is a very common condition in white-skinned people particularly over the age of 50.Your doctor thinks that there is excess fluid or 'ascites' in your abdomen (tummy) which needs draining.A specialist nurse from the procedure team will carry out this procedure on the Day Ward.

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