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"Frankly, it's a copout to say, 'My husband makes the money,' " said Peter Schweizer, a fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution whose recent book "Do as I Say (Not as I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy" contains a chapter on the Pelosis. Nancy Pelosi is fully aware of what the issues are (for elected officials) and is not naive about financial matters." Paul Pelosi isn't naive about political matters, either.Described by his wife as a "real progressive Democrat," he was willing to uproot their five children from their home in Presidio Terrace in 1987 and move into a rented place in Pacific Heights, firmly inside the congressional district Nancy Pelosi was set to run for.

"Paul Pelosi is subject to a much higher level of scrutiny than the normal businessperson," said Reilly, who's moved out of political consulting and into the business world.

Operating through Financial Leasing Services, his San Francisco investment firm, Paul Pelosi owns stock in companies including Microsoft, AT&T, Cisco Systems, Disney, Johnson & Johnson and a variety of tech stocks.

Real estate investments include a four-story office building at 45 Belden St.

Many of the same conservative Republican commentators and bloggers who used this past campaign to raise the threat of her "San Francisco values" steering Congress hard to the left are turning their sights on 66-year-old Paul Pelosi and his investments as a way of attacking the new Democratic speaker.

Nancy Pelosi's Washington staff already has hunkered down.

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