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Starlight does so, deciding on Trixie (kind of surprised she didn't pick Sunburst, but I guess Trixie's easier to get ahold of for some reason).Then we get a bit of a callback to the hostility between Twilight and Trixie in "No Second Prances" that I really don't think is needed (please don't make Trixie the new Discord in regards to a character Twilight continues to keep looking upon with suspicion for no reason), this time especially as she's already forgiven Trixie twice.This time, Princess Luna returns not to offer advice but to send out a distress signal, the changelings are back and have captured not only Twilight and her friends (including Spike unfortunately) but also Celestia and Luna (kind of a letdown for Haber when he previously had them do something in the premiere, but then again "The Crystalling" was overcrowded and Celestia and Luna's inclusion felt largely unnecessary aside from making Flurry Heart even more special and rule breaking).Starlight wakes up in her bed in a cold sweat, and sneaks to Trixie's trailer under cover of darkness.

So, was the finale able to at least hopefully rectify this with Haber and Vogel working together? We begin with Twilight, Starlight, and Spike helping to move boxes of books down some stairs.But knowing that Trixie is who she says she is, Starlight uses her to sneak back into the castle where they evasedrop on a conversation between the changeling spys and Queen Chrysalis in her native kingdom.I should get the elephant out of the room, it's never explained how the changelings could pull off such a massive scheme especially when we learn they managed to infiltrate The Crystal Empire despite the scare going on and the heightened security (though maybe it was scaled back after Thorax was exposed and reformed), but remember that in "A Canterlot Wedding" Chrysalis was able to infiltrate Canterlot undetected, kidnap and imprison Princess Cadence, and take her place without anypony being any the wiser.With Starlight still not comfortable taking on a leadership role, Discord boasts about how he'll take the gang right to the source of evil and he does so.But it seems something is wrong, he meant to take them right to Fluttershy, but she's nowhere to be found.

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