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Clients of the system may have better resiliency to brief interruptions. You know what the thing does (kinda) and you know what else depends on it (maybe? Pick something small: a minor library update, running a code linter, or adding some log lines Treat the first few changes as incidents before you even start.You may have moved 80% of the functionality elsewhere. Write up a plan, gather all the experts in case something goes wrong.Look at the downside too: how much scarier do things get if you don’t try and fix this system? Book a conference room (or chat channel) and order take-out. Rinse, repeat as necessary A key reason systems become haunted is lack of practice which leads to fear of change.If a process is scary you should do it frequently until it isn’t scary anymore.

The DIMM information is gotten with 'Handle 0x001E, DMI type 17, 34 bytes Memory Device Array Handle: 0x001D Error Information Handle: 0x002E Total Width: 64 bits Data Width: 64 bits Size: 8192 MB Form Factor: DIMM Set: None Locator: DIMM_A1 Bank Locator: CPU1 Type: DDR3 Type Detail: Synchronous Registered (Buffered) Speed: 1600 MHz Manufacturer: CE00B304CE00 Serial Number: 34BD54B9 Asset Tag: 02411221 Part Number: M393B1K70DH0-CK0 Rank: 2 Configured Clock Speed: 1600 MHz Now, here is a tricky question: is this an ECC DIMM, and is it being used in an ECC capable system?

Application, Client, Data, and Network logs can provide indications about what the system expects as inputs and outputs.

If logs aren’t available, putting a proxy layer around the system and log everything there (more about that later). This is not recommended for components suspected to be mission critical, but can be very illuminating. Often you’ll find that the circumstances have changed since the last attempt to make progress.

Your inclination may be to say it clearly isn't, since the total width is only 64 bits.

Unfortunately, if you search for the part number on the Internet, you'll discover that it's Samsung ECC DDR3 memory, and the server is a Dell C6220 blade that is definitely ECC capable.

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