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Not only does it deepen connections, but it is contagious and known to create a ripple effect.It might be predictable that kindness appeals to men, but did you know men are more sexually drawn to kind women?

In my work as a dating coach, this is the number one complaint I hear. My friend Jen had sent me a list of over 300 things that men did wrong on first dates. You made partner in your fifth year and you have a time-share in Vail? Will you wake him on Sunday morning with chocolate chip pancakes and morning sex? It makes us feel secure and studly and all those things we rarely feel on our own. Once you get it, you will have a clearer, easier path to love – and a lifelong ability to understand and connect with men. It all starts with understanding what men are thinking. I have a male friend who criticized his ex-girlfriend because her grammar wasn’t as good as his.More recently, the definition of intelligence has been broadened to include seven types of intelligence (this is really good news! Whether you are creative, analytic, intuitive, witty, clever, practical, or insightful, you are intelligent.You may be more interpersonal (the ability to relate well to others) than logical or mathematical or more visual than verbal. ” From there, you will have increased awareness of the abilities or skills you might have looked over.When planning dates, be considerate of his time, money, and location by not assuming he should always pay or make plans closer to your home.While he might want to pursue you, treat you, and take you out, he still expects you to be grateful, kind, helpful, and willing to compromise.

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