Dating in dark couples billy

She drove Billie to the airport when the trip was over, and Greg says by the time they made it to the airport they were on good terms again.($ource) Lainey says she was upset because Greg and Billie were flirting in-front of her, but they both denied it and told her she was being crazy.(Source) Greg also made a sketch video titled "Onision's Wife Leaves Him (For A Woman)" where Billie and Lainey intimately touched and talked about their lust for each other.

According to Greg, this confirmed her suspicions that Billie was not interested in her.($ource) Greg also said he told Billie, "Well it looks like you’re a homewrecker now", but she gave no response.(Source) Greg released parts of his text conversations with Billie in a speaks video.($ource) While Billie was over, Greg posted many statuses and images encouraging Billie and Lainey's relationship.(Source) He started by posting an image of them kissing in the dark then continued encouraging them publicly, even calling them his OPT, or "one true pairing", a term usually used to describe a fan's favorite couple in a fictional story.

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    After Beverly opens up about her past marriages, Alan admits the truth that the house is his brother’s, but this does not seem to bother her.