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The dino-taming survival game has launched on the Windows Store with Xbox cross-play compatibility and is part of the Play Anywhere program.

Players that own a digital copy on their Xbox One can also play the game on Windows 10, and vice versa, for free.

'When you meet someone, it’s like having our nerves outside the body, and experiencing the feelings of people we meet.'The mother-of-three said that her bond with her younger brother Crown Prince Haakon helped her navigate stressful times growing up.

However, she was often the one who would get upset when he was scolded by their strict grandfather King Olav.

According to Royal Central, the royal could not understand why people looked up to her just because she was born a princess and wanted to test out if she was really worthy.

'When I did not get any bruises, I became terrified,' she admitted in an interview with Sweden's Expressen newspaper to promote her new book Born Sensitive, co-written with her friend and business partner Elisabeth Nordeng, about being highly sensitive.

Her grandfather would ask why she was the one crying and people would tell him that she 'always cries'.'I was concerned and wanted to protect him,' she added.

The daughter of Norway's King Harald and Queen Sonia is their elder child but due to the rules of succession, her younger brother will one day ascend the throne.

Everyone knows the scene in Despicable Me when Agnes sees the stuffed unicorn at the carnival booth. So the Steve Carell mad scientist character has to win it for her by blowing up the booth. Not the precious cuteness of “it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die”.She is fourth in line after Crown Prince Haakon and his two children.Martha Louise has three daughters Maud, Leah and Emma, but announced she was separating from her husband of 14 years Ari Behn in September 2016.The mission, as stated by Wing Commander Biggins, was to bomb five V1 rocket launch sites before eight V1 rockets had been launched.He even counted the objectives out on his fingers so we’d get it.

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